Industrious Me

I made things with my hands today. Like tangible things. With my hands.

Myself and the folks with whom I share an employer ventured to Oakland to spend the day at an industrial arts facility in the name of team building. And I made things. With my hands.

In Glass Fusing class I designed a beverage coaster with a sunflower on it. To make it I had to employ the use of one of those glass cutters that cat burglars use to sneak through windows in action movies. I don't have a picture of my sunflower beverage coaster because it's currently firing in a kiln. But as far as beverage coasters go, it's pretty friggin' rad.

After Glass Fusing I attended a Leather Working course where I cut, scored and dyed strips of animal skin to make bracelets. Leather ones. Which, like the sunflower beverage coaster, are pretty friggin' rad.

And finally I partook in Woodworking where I used half-a-dozen different power tools to turn a flat, square slab of wood into a dish for my keys.

Just look at those edges!

As it turns out, I'm kinda handy. Handsy? Whatever.