Not Kidnapped

Following my ritual face and teeth purification ceremony, I returned to my bedroom last night greeted by the familiar toot of a cellular telephone.

One Missed Call.

Before I could view the missed call, however, another beep seeped out of my cell, this one differing slightly from the last.

One New Text Message.

From: Friend Jose
Date: January 28, 11:31pm

Ignore my call. I thought your sister got kidnapped. It's all good now.

Because it was late and because I'd buy stock in Jose's "it's all good," I decided to leave well enough alone and hit the hay.  I dozed off quickly, surely contented by the fact that my sister wasn't spending the evening held against her will in the isolated garden shed of an unhinged psychopath.

After a sound night of slumber, I awoke this morning to find a link in my inbox. The link delivered me to the following YouTube video.

All good, indeed.