Corey Lambert graduated from New York University with a bachelor's degree in English quite some time ago. While the smoke clears on his future plans he moonlights as a gainfully employed ex-manny. He enjoys romantic comedies, clothing with thumb holes and writing web log bios in the third person. He respectfully dislikes reality television, the use of serial commas and people who clip their fingernails on public transit. A native of Muskegon, Michigan, Corey currently resides in San Francisco, California with his gay male partner, their two dogs and George Clooney, his 11-inch MacBook Air. To learn more about Corey, poke around this website. A good place to start might be the Best Of page.

About This Blog

Part journal, part scrapbook and part swearword repository, began in New York in the fall of 2005 with a poorly-written rant about a college English course. In the years since, Corey has used this cyber space to stash hundreds of posts spanning a wide range of topics including unemployment, the death of his mother and why it's definitely okay to leave your Christmas tree up until August (they make very good lamps). Entries originally penned for this website have popped up in a number of widely-read online publications including AfterEllen, Out, Queerty, Thought Catalog and Towleroad. Every post can be found by perusing the Archive or by visiting the Search page.