About This Blog

Part journal, part scrapbook and part storage unit for swear words, this web log began in a tiny Brooklyn Heights one-bedroom in the fall of 2005 with a shoddily-written rant about a college literature course. In the years since, this cyber space has been used to stash more than a thousand posts spanning a wide range of topics including French fry addiction, face cancer and the countless reasons why it’s absolutely appropriate to get stinking drunk in any situation involving commercial air travel. Nearly every entry can be found in the Archive or by putting through its paces the search function.

About Corey Lambert

Corey Lambert graduated from the University of New York University with a degree in English quite some time ago. While the smoke clears on his future plans he moonlights as a gainfully employed ex-manny. He enjoys romantic comedies, clothing with thumb holes and showering immediately after a haircut. He respectfully dislikes the use of serial commas, Harry Caray impersonations and anyone who clips their fingernails on public transit. A native of Michigan, Corey currently resides in San Francisco with his partner, two pups and George Clooney, his 11-inch MacBook Air.

But Like, Why

Kari Geltemeyer, author of karigee.com, was once asked in an interview why, in the age of “content” and “personal brands” and “social media”, she continues to contribute words to a personal blog. Her answer was thus:

…the thing I like best about blogging is that it can be “useless.” There are no rules or expectations about what it has to be - I can post whatever I want, because it’s mine, and I don’t have any responsibility to provide people with a certain kind of content. It’s just whatever I’m thinking about on any given day.

Corey Lambert concurs.