Thirteen Things I Did in Austin, Texas

I just landed back in San Francisco after spending a fast-ass three days in Austin, Texas and below are thirteen things that I did while I was there.

  1. Toured 16 potential new office spaces for the company that employs me
  2. Consumed a taco that contained both bacon and fried chicken
  3. Imbibed a margarita on Dirty Sixth Street (okay two margaritas)
  4. Ran nine miles along the Colorado River, around the Texas State Capitol building and through the University of Texas campus (Hook 'em Horns!)
  5. Saw more than one million bats
  6. Went to a gay bar (my first ever in Texas)
  7. Purchased a razor at 7-Eleven
  8. Stayed in a grand old hotel where future President Lyndon Baines Johnson and his wife had their first date (oh, and the hotel's haunted)
  9. Had orgasmic brisket at a restaurant called Lamberts
  10. Sweated through my clothes whilst walking down the street
  11. Drank multiple Topo Chicos
  12. Ate a Jimmy John's sandwich in bed while texting and watching the US Open
  13. Stretched

Bats on Bats on Bats

In Austin during the summer months tourists and townspeople alike gather on and around the Congress Avenue Bridge just after sunset to watch more than a million bats fly out from just under their feet en route to the night sky to hunt insects. A friend told me I needed to witness it so last night I did.

It's beautiful and also unnerving that a million of something can be so quiet.

Get After It Already

I’m currently flying for work reasons and Virgin America stuck me in one of those seats where the price of everything is nothing and I’m gonna arrive in Austin too late to go into the office so I figured why not get after it already.

Also, and this is only a suggestion, if you’ve ever been in love, don’t read Nicola Yoon’s Everything, Everything whilst airplane drunk. Just trust me.

Keep It Classy

A few months ago our neighbors Emily and Janice founded a v. exclusive club which they dubbed Keep It Classy. The purpose of KIC is, by its simplest definition, drinking. Essentially, once a week the club meets at a member's house to get wine drunk. Somehow B and I got invited to join and the four of us have been imbibing vino in an official capacity for a few months now. During last week's meeting Emily and Janice announced that they'd found us uniforms and earlier tonight, while B and I were hosting our friends Mark and Michael for dinner, Emily popped by to drop ours off.

You Can't Call It a Day

I had to be at work before seven to oversee something that was supposed to take a few hours but ended up chewing up most of my Saturday. Needless to say, I was more than a little bit grumpy when I got home this afternoon. After a long nap and a short run Dan and Steve came over and Bevan served up an incredible spread and I drank two vodka sodas and some red wine and we laughed and enjoyed one another's company and as I crawled into bed a few minutes ago I had a smile on my face and was reminded of a passage from Anna Kendrick’s memoir (which I finished earlier this week) about the emotional two days of travel she endured in order to attend her grandmother's funeral in the midst of two film shoots.

We landed, I got my work permit, made it through customs, and checked into my hotel. I'd been awake for thirty-two hours, but I still ordered a burger and a vodka, 'cause sometimes you can't call it a day until something good happens.