This Beautiful Color

I got dropped off at Logan International from the Provincetown Fast Ferry a little while ago and during the short Lyft ride between the two locations my driver Luis, a young and sweet Puerto Rican father of two, was trying not to be upset about a traffic ticket he'd been issued just before he picked me up. He explained that because of his skin color that sort of thing happens to him all the time and then he looked into my eyes through the rear-view mirror and asked me an earnest question that totally crushed my guts.

What's wrong with my parents giving me this beautiful color?

Megan Hilty at Town Hall

We're all theater queens, B, Sid and I, so when we found out that Megan Hilty from Broadway's Wicked and NBC's Smash was gonna be performing at Provincetown Town Hall tonight we got on board v. hard. Even though our seats were excellent and the show was trés wonderful and Mrs. Hilty is stupid talented, the best part of the evening was undoubtedly when, as the opening notes of "Let Me Be Your Star" tinkled from the piano on stage, Sid reached for my hand. It was just one of those perfect moments from a life.

Oh Hay, P-Town

After work last night I took a Lyft car to an airplane to a Lyft car to a ferry boat to a bicycle to a bed and when I woke up from a much-needed nap I realized that I was on vacation on the Cape so I swam in a pool at the Provincetown Inn with Ray and Sid and ate happy hour seafood at Victor's with B and then peddled to the Boatslip for Tea Dance and to Mac's for dinner and to The Crown & Anchor for a drag show and to Spiritus for a late-night slice of pizza and now I'm beat and burned so goodnight moon.

So I Peed in Matt's Trunk

The social networking website Facebook reminded Matt, one of my closest friends since middle school, that today marks the two-year anniversary of one of our all-time favorite weekends together. Because he and the other dudes on my hometown text chain live in timezones east of mine, said text chain was buzzing with activity well before my alarm clock went off this morning and I may or may not have been a topic of conversation.

Had I been conscious at this point in the conversation I would've jumped in and completely denied Matt's "He peed in my trunk after this." allegation. Unfortunately, it wouldn't have mattered very much because even though Mike wasn't actually in attendance that weekend I facetimed him into the action because I missed him so much and he just so happened to have snapped (and kept) a screenshot of me doing exactly what Matt said I did.

I woke up right around the time that Mike's screenshot hit the chain and in my so very vulnerable state of being newly awake I owned up to what I did.

I'd like to note that I was actually evacuating my bladder into a bottle and not into Matt's bare trunk. Also, Laura looks pretty grossed out in that screenshot but I guess she wasn't quite grossed out enough to set the damn phone down. Lastly, based on his final comment, (a pretty large) part of me thinks that Mike might be kinda into water sports (and also gay).

Another Square Goodbye

I headed over to Square's headquarters for lunch today because, for the first time since I left more than four years ago, one of my original Square besties is moving on. Adam, who I shared a table with when the company employed only seventy-five people (it's got well over 2,000 employees now), is gonna take a little bit of time off after nearly seven years there.

We shared a great lunch, the seven of us, and as they walked back to their desks and I took the train back to my job, I couldn't help but get emotional.

I moved to San Francisco to work for Square when it was a tiny startup. I was twenty-six then and I didn't know anybody in the Bay Area so the folks in that picture up there were my first San Francisco family. When I looked around the table today everybody seemed so happy and so much more grown up than we were when we first met each other all that time ago. And even though it's sad to know that they won't all be together every day anymore, I'm happy for Adam and I'm happy for the rest of them and I'm happy for myself because, thanks to Square, we'll know each other always.