(Little) Man on the Run

Every afternoon the adults at my three-year-old nephew Harrison's preschool email my sister and brother-in-law a recap of what went down that day along with a bunch of pictures of kids banging on miniature instruments, coloring (terribly), crafting, playing dress-up and digging in the sandbox. The picture below these words accompanied today's email.

Although whoever took it was probably trying to get a shot of those twins being cute and goofy while peddling matching red tricycles in matching fleece jackets, they also happened to have caught my youngest nephew pushing a plastic shopping cart across the playground at an all-out sprint.

I'm not sure where he was headed in such a hurry, but if I had to venture a guess I'd say he was probably looking for some poor dog's tongue to bite.

Crowded Places by BANKS, or Next Sunday Might Be Very Terrible

I’m not sure if anybody who reads this doofy little website also watches Girls, but I will most definitely be one hot little mess when the show ends forever next Sunday. I just finished this week's episode (oh hay there, Shosh) and I have v. many feelings about it but mostly I just wanna say that this song by BANKS is gonna play on repeat into my ears all week long.

If you do watch the show, please email me or leave a comment on this post or send me a text message about it because even though he's a fan, I know Bevan's sick of hearing me bemoan its end. Before you reach out though, you should probably take the BuzzFeed "Which Girls Character Are You Quiz?" first. I did and I got Ray which makes mucho sense because while I've definitely never been the most mature person in any of my friend groups, I am almost always the moodiest. Also, I ended up with Bevan who's the gay male equivalent of (um, spoiler alert) Aidy Bryant's Abigail.

A Lucky Morning

Patches woke up today like the last few weeks didn't happen. Bevan and I stayed in bed later than normal on account of rain and she stayed with us, doling out kisses, purring her gorgeous, guttural dog purr and wriggling on her back among the blankets and sheets as her tail banged against our legs. Needless to say, this morning felt like a lucky morning in our house.