You Are With Me

I wrapped up Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix amidst the goings on of last week and I'm already a good bit of the way into Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and holy shit Dumbledore's badassery is next level.

"If there is an attack," said Dumbledore, "I give you permission to use any counterjinx or curse that might occur to you. However, I do not think you need worry about being attacked tonight."

"Why not, sir?"

"You are with me," said Dumbledore simply.

Will Crawl for (Delicious) Books

My niece Ella started crawling yesterday and because my little brother Bryan captured the whole thing on his phone I got to watch her do it. It was really magical to see her little body travel the first few of what will surely be millions of feet over the course of her lifetime and one of the best parts was that she was motivated to get going by a book that was lying on the living room floor. When I relayed this thinking to my sister and added that it's most certainly a sign that Ella's going to be a famous author someday, I was brought back down to Earth pretty quickly by a single text message.

A One-Sentence Palm Springs Update

T and I landed at Palm Springs International Airport yesterday afternoon, played one hour of tipsy tennis courtesy of a bit too much free airplane champagne (see above photo), ate dinner at Greek Islands, drank drinks at Chill Bar, drank more drinks at Hunters Nightclub with Mark and Michael, went to Toucans Tiki Lounge to see boys that we know who are in town from Los Angeles with their gay water polo team, slept, woke up, ran with the local gay running club, consumed a delish breakfast at IHOP and then lyfted to the totes gorg Indian Wells Tennis Garden where we're currently watching the best players on Earth slug it out in ninety-two degree heat.

Matt's in Town

One of my closest friends since the eighth grade was in town on business this week so we met up for a pre-flight brunch in the Castro this morning before B dropped us off at San Francisco International Airport a little while ago (Matt's headed back to Chicago and I'm headed to Palm Springs to watch tennis with Tommy) which is where I'm typing these words from.

Also, we got an update on our Patches girl this morning and I'll share it here when I'm less mimosa-buzzed slash at the risk of bawling in front of strangers.

Clearing Things Up, or the Luckiest Thing

I guess I was being intentionally vague in last night's web log post about Tuesday's "unexpectedly emotional visit" to the vet's office because the thought of fathoming into words what might be going on with our Patches girl just hurt too much. Thankfully, a full explanation can be found in the following text message exchange between my sister (gray) and B (blue).

I think it's worth noting that to have people in my life who know me better than I know myself is the luckiest thing. B and Kel are two of those people.

The Fucking Truth

Because we'd had an unexpectedly emotional visit to the vet yesterday afternoon, B and I were loving the dogs extra special hard on the sofa last night when Sid, from her spot on the recliner next to us, let fly a thought.

"I wonder what kind of person Patches would be."

"The best kind," I answered.

Sid looked at me with her eyebrows crumpled together as though the three simple words I'd just uttered deserved some serious contemplation and then said, in the voice that means she's serious, "That's so fucking true."

Neither B nor I scolded her for her use of the second worst swear word because we felt, without even having to confer with one another, that the added emphasis was not only appropriate but, given the circumstances and what may or may not come next, entirely necessary.