This picture has made me GIGGLE every single time that I've looked at it which honestly has only been like four or five or six times because my SISTER Kelly just texted it to me today but still, four or five or six giggles from one picture just feels like A LOT. And isn't my nephew Harrison's CHIPPED FRONT TOOTH the most adorable thing to ever happen to a human mouth? And THAT BELLY! Oh my fucking god that belly! I just wanna make fart sounds by blowing on it. He would love that probably. He LOVES fart sounds. WE ALL DO. And lord, don't even get me started on his hair. He looks like Albert Einstein just woke up from an extremely satisfying nap behind a jet engine. SIGH. I cannot even believe that my little baby nephew turned three years old this week. I'm so proud of him. Isn't his backpack game SO STRONG? I fucking WANT ONE. Seriously, I might BUY ONE on the Internet. They're for toddlers though. But still, V. CUTE. Toddlers are so LUCKY. Happy birthday, Harrison! Imma steal your new backpack, bish.

Hella Small, Betch

Remember yesterday when I was like "Blah blah blah Sid wore my sweater to a play and now I'm worried that my clothes don't fit me right blah blah blah."? Yeah, that was me fishing for a "No way, queen! You are sooooo fucking skinny!" or a "Gurl, your bod tight AF!" or even a "H&M sweaters run, like, hella small, betch. Errybody knows that." But no, instead I got this.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go raid Hagrid's closet to try and find something to wear tomorrow. Maybe I'll find some new friends in there, too.

No Day but Today

On our way to catch the twentieth anniversary tour of Rent at the Golden Gate Theatre tonight I explained to Sid that it's my absolute favorite show of all time and that it changed the course of my life when I saw it on Broadway as a teenager and without skipping a beat she tore out my heart and stomped it into a pancake by responding "There's no way it's better than Dear Evan Hansen." Suffice it to say, she made it no further than the halfway point of "Light My Candle" before officially retracting her statement.

I would like to note, since this website is, like, my diary or whatever, that Sid borrowed a sweater of mine to wear to the show tonight and it actually fit her. Sure it was an extra small from H&M that I accidentally shrunk in the dryer, but damn do I have a lot of feelings about that, such as wow, isn't Sid growing up so fast and also Corey your clothes might be too small for you.

Welcome Back to My Dog Blog

B got the dogs a Valentine's Day card yesterday and it's super fucking cute. The dogs on the card look just like Patches and Buddy minus Patches' patch and Buddy's giraffe legs.

On the inside of the card he wrote:

Patches and Buddy,
Happy Valentine's Day!
Bevan + Corey
P.S. You're getting beef jerky today!

I just wanted to write that down so I don't forget it.