For My Archives

Since her passing ten days ago more than four hundred people who knew my mother have posted notes and quotes and well-wishes to her Facebook Timeline and I've been dragging some of my favorites into a folder on my desktop for safe-keeping. Below is a picture of her from the late 1970s that, until a few days ago, I had never seen before. According to the message that accompanied it my mom was college roommates with its poster and also the Matron of Honor in her wedding.

The Last Word

While I was at home on a visit a few months ago I asked my mom if there was anything she wanted me to say on her behalf to wrap up the eulogy portion of her funeral and today, in front of eight or nine hundred people at Prince of Peace Catholic Church, I shared the words that we came up with.

Enjoy the hell out of your lives. Enjoy every single moment. Go do things, preferably outside. Put your toes in the sand and your feet on the grass. Feel the rain beat down on your face. And if you can help it, don't ever miss a sunset. Hug your loved ones, every chance you get. And take risks, big fucking risks. And for god's sake, laugh. And dance. And try to worry a little bit less. And lastly, and most importantly, live simple, and love like crazy.