Vacay Day Three

Today, the third of six on Sid's maiden Michigan voyage, contained a great number enjoyable activities, including eating breakfast at Carmen’s Café

and visiting my mother's statue

and sharing lunch and a walk in Grand Haven with my ex-girlfriend Megan

and consuming food truck food with a whole bunch of my living relatives

and stopping by the 160-year-old casa that's inhabited by my godparents.

While we were doing that last thing my dear godmother and I were sitting on her front porch discussing the loved ones we've lost and how impossible everything can seem sometimes and she said something that I had to write down because I thought it was so beautiful and true.

"Life goes on, even when we think it shouldn't."

We're in the Mitten

B, Buddy, Sid and I landed in Chicago, Illinois around two o'clock yesterday afternoon on less than three hours of sleep because we'd had a late night with Lady Gaga, rented a car and drove for two and half hours to Douglas, Michigan to spend time with our Gay Running Club pals Chris and Mark who summer in the house that Gerber baby food founder Frank Daniel Gerber grew up in (the digs are more than a hundred and fifty years old).

This morning we woke up, ate breakfast on Chris and Mark's gorge-ass screened-in porch then traveled the remaining hour to Muskegon where we'll spend the rest of the week with my siblings and their offspring, the last of whom just arrived from Texas following an eighteen-hour car ride.

I'm TAH (tired as heck) so I'm gonna list seven things that we did today, toss a bunch of pics underneath the aforementioned list and then go pass out.

Okay, here's said list.

  1. Visited Bryan and Kelly at their office
  2. Jumped off of my dad's pontoon boat into Muskegon Lake
  3. Picked Ella and Harrison up from school (Harrison was lit about it)
  4. Celebrated my birthday with chicken wings and French fries
  5. Had a miniature dance party to Harrison's favorite songs
  6. Watched the sun set from the water near Pere Marquette Beach
  7. Jumped off of my dad's pontoon boat into Lake Michigan

And, as promised, here are some pics.

Incidentally, this is Sid's first time in my hometown and it's also his first time meeting most of my relatives and it's been a trip watching him take it all in.

Oh yeah and lastly, my dad used the word queen in a sentence in reference to me this evening and Bevan nearly died from happy shock.

Oh How Lucky I Feel

In the Harry Potter universe there exists a magical potion called Felix Felicis that makes whoever drinks it exceptionally lucky for a short period of time and, well, that's pretty much how I felt all day long yesterday, totally shit-faced on liquid luck. I slept in until ten o'clock, was on the receiving end of more sweet and sincere phone calls and text messages than I could've possibly deserved and then, to top it all off, nine of my best queens and I got to watch Lady Gaga absolutely slay the faces off of almost 40,000 people from totally ridiculous fourth-row seats at AT&T Park.

Oh how lucky I feel.

Oh Hay There, Thirty-Three

Last night was a fairly great time even though we didn't dance and I've got pretty incredible friends and below is my favorite photo from the evening.

It depicts my smoking hot hetero pals Kel and Trev gettin' cozy on one side

and yours truly fondling a giant yellow pineapple balloon that one of the bartenders at Lone Star gave me as a birthday present on the other.

I'd like to make it known that a guy at Hole in the Wall offered me $10 for the giant yellow pineapple balloon which I used to buy a burrito at 3:00am.