Our Ellie Girl

The Dufty-Lambert family increased in size by one mammal last weekend.

Her name is Ellie, she's made up of some pit bull parts, she's either one or two years old depending on which of her papers is accurate, she was a stray before someone turned her in to the Stockton SPCA on November 25th and her hobbies include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • throwing up in our bed (it's happened three times since Sunday)
  • destroying every sports ball we have in the house
  • being totally obvious to Buddy's protestations about her existence
  • crying whenever Bevan leaves the room
  • staring me down while I brush my teeth (see photo below)

She's a super sweet girl, our Ellie, and even though she's been on the street she appears to have had good home training; she can sit and lay down and when we call her she comes. She's a bit on the lean side from not having had regular meals for a time but we're pretty stoked to change that. Also, she snores like someone shoved a stack of chainsaws into a trash compactor but she's an ace cuddle partner so we'll let that slide.


From the Caltrain

For the second time in four days I'm on the Caltrain heading south, though this time instead of making my to way San José to see Ed Sheeran and T. Swift with my peeps, I'm en route to Palo Alto for work all by lonesome.

Every time I take this train I’m reminded of interviewing for a job at Google in Mountain View when I was twenty-two years old. I'd originally applied for a role at Google in Chicago because that's where I was living at the time, but they thought I might be a good fit for an opening in California so they flew me out for a couple of rounds of interviews in July of 2007.

There was a convention going on in the Bay Area when I was scheduled to visit so all of the regular hotel rooms were booked and Google had to stick me in a suite. With all of that extra space I couldn't help but invite my then-roommate Matt to come with me. I was such a naive kid in those days (I'm so much wiser now) that I asked the recruiter if Matt could come have lunch with us in the cafeteria at the Googleplex during a break in my interviews one day and bless her heart she said yes. In the immortal and oh-so-wise words of my literary hero Joan Didion, “...was anyone ever so young?"

Of that visit West I also remember walking with Matt around AT&T Park (which I pass every day on my way to work now) and thinking how neat it would be to see a game there and celebrating the end of my two days of interviews with very many beers at Red Jack Saloon in North Beach where I played The Outfield’s "Your Love" on the jukebox more than I should've.

Even though I didn't take the job at Google and it would be another four years before I moved West, I think I knew back then that I'd end up here.

When I Am Filled with Music

Some weeks ago Karin, Sid's best friend Rosie's mother, called B and told him that Roo and Sid wanted to see a concert but that she didn't wanna take them and would I be interested in going instead. She explained that it was a show called POPTOPIA and the performers would be as follows:

  • Taylor Swift
  • Ed Sheeran
  • The Chainsmokers
  • Fifth Harmony
  • Dua Lipa
  • Niall Horan
  • Khalid
  • Logic 

"Um, yes absolutely I guess I can do her this super massive favor and see a bunch of incredible artists perform songs that I adore," was my exact reply.

So last night Roo, Sid, Will and I took the Caltrain south to the SAP Center in San José to watch the aforementioned musical artists perform music.

Because he's a kween, Bevan made a phone call and somehow got the four of us backstage before the show for a little meet and greet with Dua Lipa who's responsible for Dua Lipa, my third favorite album of 2017 (behind P!nk's Beautiful Trauma and Ed Sheeran's Divide, respectively).

Dua Lipa was incredibly sweet and said nice things about Roo and Sid and also unintentionally made me never want to bare my abs in public again.

The concert itself was grand, partly because I knew almost every song and partly because I saw said songs performed from the second freakin' row. 

The best part of the evening, in addition to all of the other best parts (there were quite a few), was calling Kelly on FaceTime to have her listen to Ed Sheeran perform "Perfect" while she folded laundry at her house.

"Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music."

- George Eliot