Things From Today

A bulleted list.

  • after a six-week lull, I finally finished a book
  • I wanted to see an ocean this morning so I jogged to one from my house which is how, for the second Saturday in a row, I ran a half marathon
  • the critics are not wrong, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is, well, rad
  • my to-do list last week included "buy a lighter for candles"
  • because I watched the trailer for Eighth Grade again today I had no choice but to listen to Enya's "Orinoco Flow" fifty times consecutively


Earlier this week a dozen or so pianos were scattered throughout the grounds of the San Francisco Botanical Garden and tonight Marf and I strolled through a series of colorfully lit pathways to watch people play them.

Photo By Matoba

Whenever one of the professional musicians stepped away for a break someone from the crowd would sidle up and play a song, most of the time sans sheet music, and I kept thinking that I pass by hundreds of strangers every day and haven't the slightest clue the magic they're capable of.

This Day Was Good

I got to work early, had a productive morning, ate lunch on the water with TaskRabbit Amy, had a productive afternoon, caught up on FaceTime with Le, Jamie, Kelly, my dad, Bryan and Jess, chatted on the phone with Laura, ran five miles, worked out, ate a healthy dinner, showered, watched two episodes of Queer Eye (B cried a bunch, obvi) and am now cuddling with my dogs.