Barcelona Day Uno

Our train pulled into the Barcelona Sants railway station around two thirty this afternoon and after struggling to figure out the local transit system we happened upon our Airbnb, a three-bedroom flat on the top floor of a one hundred-year-old building that features a terrace overlooking a massive and probably famous statute of a naked baby straddling a dragon (I think).

After dropping off our stuff we set out to find food and wound up at a sandwich bar called IRATI Taverna Basca that served us a huge array of pre-made, open-faced sandwiches topped with things like anchovies, cream cheese, prosciutto, salmon and shredded crab meat.

Once we'd had our fill at IRATI we headed to the famous bustling color explosion known as La Boqueria, a crowded indoor market in Barcelona's Ciudad Vieja neighborhood where we decided against literally hundreds of candy options and instead purchased big cups of fresh fruit for two euros.

From La Boqueria we walked all the way to Rambla de Mar to peep the sunset but ended up watching a beat-up old cruise-liner dock instead.

It was a long day, I'm beat and I've lost my voice but I do not hate it here.

Barcelona Bound

We dragged our luggage to the traffic circle by our stay on Calle Pureza just before eight o'clock this morning and hired two taxis to deliver us to Santa Justa Station and our 8:50am high-speed train to Barcelona.


Despite the smiles, we're all struggling hard. Mary and I got the giggles around 5:00am and kept the other rooms up for an extra hour. We were laughing about my creative consumption of a French fry in this picture.


You had to be there.


Right now everybody's asleep and have been since our train left Seville but I can't close my eyes, there's too much to see. For instance, a few minutes ago we passed a castle on a hill. A quick Google search tells me it's called Castillo de Almodóvar del Río and was constructed as a Roman fort in 760.


Yup, three digits.


So far the Spanish countryside is all hills and olive trees and stone fences and I've yet to spot a cloud in the sky. I suspect that Barcelona's gonna be epic, but until then I'm good just watching the world go by for a while.


Spain is Lit

We went to a flamenco show earlier tonight which was incredible and not just because the male dancer's costume was, um, revealing. The guitarist picked and strummed non-stop for an hour while another gentleman sang beautiful Spanish songs next to him. Two dancers, a male and a female, opened the show performing together and then took turns snapping and stomping and dramatic-turning their way through a series of dances.

Afterwards, when the show was over and the audience had gone home, Lauren, Mary and I got up on the dancing platform and took turns twirling in Mary’s flamenco dress. We thought we were amazing. Or maybe only I did.

Now it's four o'clock in the morning and I’m just now putting myself into bed. Our train leaves for Barcelona in not very many hours and my body’s not digging the no-sleep sleep schedule it's on. I blame my bunk-mate Mary who’s kept me up giggling until far too late both nights so far.

On French Fries in Spain

I landed at the Seville Airport around 11:30pm local time (see above photo) and convinced a not-so-friendly cab driver to haul me across town to our Airbnb in Triana where I was met by Bryan, Jess, Hilary, Lauren and Mary who mercifully allowed me to shower off the twenty-seven hours of travel before leading me down Calle Pureza to a riverside bar called Mariatrifulca where we consumed trés bottles of sparkling rosé vino on the rooftop.

From the bar Hilary, Lauren and Mary went out dancing, Bryan and Jess went home and my bae Siri led me across the Guadalquivir to a late-night McDonald's (“Hey Siri, nearest French fry!”) that was actually more like a walkthrough bank because I paid a teller through a tiny slot in the wall and then said teller dispensed a bag of greasy goodness through a larger slot.

I put myself to bed around three but couldn't fall asleep so I climbed to the roof of our stay and texted with friends back home until the sun came up.

I managed a very short nap and then we all set out in search of sustenance.

After breakfast we visited Seville's ceramics district because that's a thing.

Now we're headed to the gay neighborhood to shop because Bryan's out of clean clothes already and so I guess I'll edit this post later okay bye.