I Had a Breakthrough Tonight

I had a breakthrough tonight.

B totaled his car a few weeks ago (don't worry, everybody's fine) so we took BART to Berkeley after I got out of work tonight to shop for a replacement. The dealership's website told us that they'd be open until 7:00pm but when we got there at 6:25 the doors were locked. We knocked on the glass and an employee appeared in the distance but ducked out of sight when he saw us. Needless to say, B didn't get a new car and we'd traveled all the way to the East Bay for nothing and I was fuming as we walked back toward downtown Berkeley. Here's where the aforementioned breakthrough happened. Normally I would have let something like a business' website bearing false information or bad customer service ruin my evening. But instead I cursed McKevitt Fiat of Berkeley under my breath for a few blocks, considered whether or not I wanted to carry the negativity with me for the night and then calmly suggested that we get dinner. Rather than pick a stupid fight with Bevan and go to bed angry, we split a bottle of champagne, ate some delicious Creole food and enjoyed a Lyft home.

Some people can let little bumps in the road roll off their shoulders without a second thought, but I'm not one of those people. I hang on to everything. I always have. I'm both irritable and a dweller, but I'm trying really hard not to be, and tonight, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I wasn't.

Like I said, breakthrough.

Eleven Dope Things

Because who's got time for twelve?

  1. dogs
  2. French fries
  3. equality
  4. the cioppino that got served at lunch today
  5. the musical number from this week's episode of The Real O'Neals (thank you, Ana)
  6. lists that go up to eleven
  7. this article about rising American tennis player Ernesto Escobar who I just watched lose to David Ferrer in four sets at the Australian Open
  8. this picture of Barack Obama (please come back)
  9. this song from La La Land
  10. the Weasleys
  11. whoever made this announcement at the sporting goods store Tommy shops at

Thoughts on Moonlight

I finally saw Moonlight tonight. It was beautiful and heartbreaking and raw and sad and violent but parts of it were also kinda hot, too. In the the last few weeks a bunch of people from all different backgrounds have told me to go see it and after doing so I'm pretty surprised that each of those people found things to connect to in it. I guess it means that it's good art.