We're Schumer Bound

Right now I'm with Blazer, Kelly and Marf and we're riding on a BART train en route to Oracle Arena in Oakland to watch comedienne Amy Schumer speak jokes into a microphone. I'm posting this while in transit because it'll be tomorrow when I get home and I want to remember at least this part about this day because I enjoy the company of these three humans mucho.

Also, Bevan is up for a seat on BART's Board of Directors so I think it's somewhat important to note that my friends are sipping brown-bagged cans of lemonade in the above groupie. There is no alcohol in those cans, only lemonade. Just lemons mixed with water. And maybe a little sugar. Regardless, they are consuming beverages of the non-alcoholic variety.

Beckman Bar Crawl Invitation

If you happen to be a member of my colossal extended family and you're not on Facebook, the following invitation is for you. Please call, email or text Kelly or myself with your response. If you don't happen to be a member of my colossal extended family, please disregard this web log post or, um, do your best to get with one of my single cousins before December 23rd.

Happy hump day, relatives Beckman!

Earlier today Kelly and I were discussing our immediate need to consume unhealthy amounts of alcohol (as we often do on Wednesday mornings) and realized that it might be enjoyable to do so with all of you, on a trolley, two days before Jesus shows up via Mary's birth canal.

So, how 'bout it?

On Friday, December 23rd from 8:00pm until it's time to cut Bryan off, let's all get together and tie one (or many) on. If you feel into it, let us know in the comments or by clicking 'Fuck Yup' or whatever one does to a Facebook invite to indicate a positive response. If not, kindly leave our family forever.

Love yer faces!

Cor & Kel

P.S. The evening doesn't have to be as aggressive as we've made it sound. We're just v. excited to see you all and to trolley...with booze.